Scott Hartwick , a Connecticut native and founder of FEZon Photography, began his photography career at age 12. His uncle, a newspaper photographer, began to teach him the fundamental skills and rules of photography including exposure, composition, and darkroom procedure. All through the seventies and eighties Scott refined his photography skills at many a rock concert with his trusty 35mm and his whit's about him.

            After taking time off to raise a family Scott rekindled his passion for photography with the purchase of his first DSLR in the early 2000's welcoming the age of the digital darkroom. Over the years Scott's love of the art of photography has evolved beyond the confines of the concert halls of the east coast and has branched out into many different fields of focus including models, nature, landscapes, photojournalism, and various artistic avenues to name just a few.

            Currently Scott is a contributing photographer for N2 Publishing, Fisique Magazine, and The Arizona branch of The School Of Rock just to name a few.